Heights Epicurean Farmers Market Vendor Information  
Thank You so much for your interest in Heights Epicurean Farmers Market! The market is every first Saturday of each month, from 8:30-1:30P. Interested cafts persons, artists, entertainers, farmers, and other vendors, please email doria@redpub.com Heights Epicurean Farmers Market is a community event taking place at Grace UMC located, 1245 Heights Blvd. Central to the beautiful, Historical Heights Neighborhood. It is a combined effort organized by Red Publication. We want everyone to have a positive experience being a part of the community!
Heights First Saturday is the day that everyone gets out, shops, walks around, etc. on that day all over the Heights. Save your 'set up anxiety', turn it upside down, and focus your energy into a positive force for reaching out and making friends, at the market. We are all friends here, and the most important thing in life is loving our neighbors. This market is above all about brotherhood. Everything else works out if we keep that in mind from beginning to end. 

Rain or Shine

at this point we are a rain or shine market. We will only cancel the market if it becomes unsafe to open the market. But rain? Well, we're likely to wait it out, then set up, or set up in it. This has been the pattern of our hard core farmers, growers, crafters, and makers. This is it guys, Farmer's Marketers are not pale flowers. These guys are serious! lol.
Food Rules
If you are selling food, make sure your ingredients are posted somewhere on a slip of paper people can take away with them, or posted clearly for each product at eye level on your tent. This is a City of Houston requirement.

Food Requires A Permit
NO ONE MAY SELL FOOD unless they are approved to do so with HEFM. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is because the city will shut us down if we don't follow the rules. Please don't show up with food unless you have spoken with us about it. Thank You! Hot food vendors who wish to share the permit, will need to sign up by mid month NO EXCEPTIONS! The COH will not permit us less than 10 days before. If you are the only hot food vendor, you will be required to get your own permit and send us a photo, or scan of it as soon as you aquire it.
Who is coming to HEFM?
The farmers market is about human connection. People want to know where their food comes from, who is touching and making the food, and the art they are bringing home and placing on the wall. People who come to the farmer's market, are conscious of the quality of the connections in their life. They want to live responsibly, healthy, and positively.  This is who comes to our market.
Grace United Methodist Church graceintheheights.org
We have the support and love of the church in which our little market is hosted by. Grace UMC members frequent the market, shout it out, lend us the space, love what we are about, and want us to grow, because we are bringing a fresh new light to the community. Because of where we are, we are little embassadors of Love representing the beacon of love that is Grace UMC.

Marketing Your Business
It takes time to get any business's name out. Merchants looking for a magic bullet on their first second or third market aren't going to find it. Consistency is key. You will develop your own following, if you are constantly frequenting the same markets and consistantly communicating your business to folks who have signed up in the usual places to follow you. Consistent advertising messages are best. The merchants who return each month will have the most traffic. What we are talking about here is, attendance.

When you chat with someone at your booth, have them write down their email, then send out an email to your list a couple days before a market. Let them know it's coming. Send out a mass email, and just as I have in this one, hide the email addresses in the BCC, so they remain private.

Many people use this medium as a primary communication tool. People check their Facebook throughout the day. It doesn't matter what you personally feel about Facebook, if you are in business, you need a Facebook Business Page.

You can connect your Twitter account to your Facebook page, so you don't have to tweet out a message, it will tweet your facebook posts when you post.

You can connect your Instagram to feed images to a photo gallery on your Facebook page, but not the other way around.

Social Media
Please LIKE and share our Facebook pages and Facebook event page! I will introduce your product on our social pages, and also prominently on the websites heights epicurean.com and redpub.com. We are also advertising in print through Red Publication. After registering, please send all promotional material you have so that we can begin to introduce your product as early as possible.

Heights Epicurean Market Facebook Page (1800 Likes)

Red Publication / Red Pub Facebook Page (1600 Likes)

Visionary Noise (5600 Likes)
Houston based Entertainment

Tent Placement
A day or two before the market,
we will email a diagram of the parkinglot, so you will know where to set up. We have various requirements regarding hot food vendors and such, so it is imperative that you set up where the diagram has your space reserved. There are folks who have been with us since the begining, and they will help you find your spot if need be. Ask for help!

Registration and Attendance
Deadline for applications is mid month. So get your application in asap. We only have ONE coffee vendor per market, so if you are it, you had better be committed, or else hundreds of people will think you are a jerk. Coffee is serious business at this farmer's market, and we cannot go without it EVER.

Non-food folks who are already in the system, will need to make their commitment at least 10 days before the market. We need time to make the diagram. Your money is spent on flyers and posters. So sign up ASAP!

DRIVE IN - UNLOAD - DRIVE OUT - PARK - SET UP - NO EXCEPTIONS Be considerate of all of our market friends and maintain this practice, so we can keep moving. There are ALOT of people in only a small space and you need to be set up by 8:30 when the market starts. Absolutely NO VEHICLES allowed in the market area after 8:15.

Bring Everything You Need
We do not allow anyone to utilize tables, chairs, or otherwise from the church. You need to bring everything you need for your booth.

Canopies and Leg Weights

Tents (or canopy as they are sometimes called) are usually around 10ft x 10ft. We will also accept a 9x9 or an 11x11.

We require a weight strapped to each leg of your tent (if you have a tent). Each leg must have 10-15lb. Also, the weight must be strapped TO THE TOP of the tent with twine to keep the leg from lifting out of the weight. We do not want to see HEFM on the cover of the Houston Chronicle because a tent blew over and took out a small child! Thank You for your understanding.
Each merchant must have their own trash bag/can and dispose of it when they leave. Take it with you, or put it in the green cans on 12th street by the church steps. Rather than raise the vending price to pay for garbage disposal, everyone takes care of their own. Please pick up the trash around your booth when it's all said and done. Each market we go around and collect garbage from the same vendor spaces. You all need to be aware of where your labels, napkins, forks, etc are going after folks sample and eat your food. Let's respect the church grounds, and the people who make up Grace UMC our hosts and hostesses and be good embassadors of cleanliness.
There is a secure and gated parkinglot on the Yale side of the church property. We unlock and open the gate each market and vendors should unload then move their cars to this parkinglot.

We can leave all of the street parking and other parking open for customers. We don't want to lose customers, because people cannot find obvious and available parking. So thanks to Grace, there is plenty, and we just need to move those automobiles out of the way of walking traffic.
About Heights Epicurean
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